TODAY Parents: We’re in this together


I’m proud to announce that I have joined’s new roster of contributors. With the shift to TODAY Parents from TODAY Moms, the website for the popular morning show is acknowledging the growing desire of dads everywhere to be seen as equal and equally engaged partners in parenthood. After all, moms and dads: We’re in this together.

Parents tell stories. It’s how we relate to one another. It’s how we cope, and how we thrive.

It’s also how we empathize with the blank, sleep-deprived stares we sometimes encounter as we try to engage other parents. We know what they’re going through.

How do we know?

Because we’ve been there — believe me, we can tell you all about it. Also, because we’ve listened to others who have been there.

Parents know what it’s like to wake up to a major diaper blowout in the middle of the night — only to find the box of baby wipes empty.

Parents know how it feels to experience all the firsts — the joy and pain, the rapture and agony. Parents also know that sometimes, the rapture and agony are the same thing.

Parents know what it’s like to bear the awesome responsibility of caring for another human being — a helpless, clueless, selfish, hungry, not hungry, sleepy, NOT sleepy, stubborn, funny, clumsy, loud, disobedient, angelic, possessed, loving, cute, smart, beautiful human being.

Parents know all this and more, and we love to talk or write about it.

The power of story-telling is to help us find common ground. A good story illuminates and entertains. A great story reveals something about ourselves that we might not have realized.

I started this online journal in February, 2012, because I wanted an outlet to share my family’s stories. It has evolved over the past two-plus years into a catch-all site for my musings on parenthood or politics, issues and trends, small moments and monumental milestones.

Always, it’s about the story. The individual chapters that make up the particular posts, and the big, sprawling, shared story of parenthood.

The Big Announcement

Now, I am thrilled to let you know that I’ll have another platform for story telling:

The website for the popular TODAY Show invited me and five other dad writers from around the country to join a panel of regular contributors. The invitation coincided with a name change for the parenting section of the site. What once was known as TODAY Moms now is TODAY Parents. This marks a significant and welcome shift, an acknowledgment that the task of parenthood is a shared endeavor in many households around the country and the world, and that fathers — more than ever — want to be recognized as equal and equally engaged parenting partners.

This week, as a lead-up to Father’s Day on Sunday, the TODAY Show will feature fathers from around the country. TODAY Parents, meanwhile, will feature introductory posts from the new panel of writing dads. Our posts will reveal our favorite “dad hacks,” clever and simple solutions to those sticky situations parents sometimes find themselves in. Read ours this week, then go share your own parenting “hack” on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #DadHacks.

Here are my fellow Today Parents dad writers, with links to their personal websites:

Be sure to give these talented writers some love on their personal blogs, and please share our TODAY Parents work as often as you see fit. Check out (and follow) the TODAY Parents content on Facebook and Twitter, too

Finally, a favor. One of the reasons I chose to write about parenting is because being a father is such a big part of my self-identity. I can’t imagine anything more important for me to focus my creative energy on, and there might be no more fertile ground for funny, tragic, poignant or just plain insightful stories.

Tell me your story. Let me know what you think. Give me ideas to share with the TODAY Parents audience. Find me on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment on a DadScribe post. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Make me want to share what you have to say with the world.

That’s what we do, after all. We’re parents. We tell stories.




15 thoughts on “TODAY Parents: We’re in this together

  1. Congratulations being selected as the Today Parents panel. You will be such an asset to the team!

    And yes, I have a ton of stories to share! ;-)

  2. Hi, I wrote an honest ebook about becoming a new mum to a spritely little boy who is now 3.5 and I also have a daughter who is 2. So hard to find an honest parent! I am as honest as they come and love hearing other parents stories!

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