One of America’s Summertime Favorites: at the Zoo with the #PretzelGuys

Pretzel Guys

Our Zoo Day pretzel pack included two kinds of sunscreen, kid-sized shades, plenty of water, a point-and-click camera and lots of Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel snaps and sourdough nibblers.

Disclosure: I was compensated by Life of Dad and Snyder’s of Hanover for my participation in this promotion. 

Pretzels make it easy for parents. Toss a few into a snack bag, and they’re the ideal school lunch side dish. Kids got the afternoon munchies? Grab the pretzels.

Need to fight off hunger during a hot and humid summer trip to the zoo? Put together a Pretzel Pack — Snyder’s of Hanover sourdough nibblers and pretzel snaps, along with sun screen, shades, a point-and-click camera and plenty of water — and all will be well.

We spend a lot of time at the zoo. Tampa, Florida, has one of the country’s best, Lowry Park Zoo, and the annual family pass is a great value.

Summertime in Florida means … well, you know what it means if you’ve been here in July or August. When we walk around the zoo or a theme park this time of year, we work up a crazy thirst and an even crazier hunger. This time around, after visiting some of our animal favorites, we ducked into an air-conditioned dining room and broke open the Pretzel Pack. As you can see in this quick video diary, the boys are crazy about these snacks!

Full disclosure: My older son was NOT reading from a script when he said, “Man, these things are SO delicious!” He was eating the pretzel snaps, but he could just as easily have been enjoying the sourdough nibblers, the pretzel butter snaps, the mini pretzels or the pretzel sticks. I mean, there’s an entire wall dedicated to Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel varieties at our local grocery store. Our kids love them all.

Now, I get to tell you about a chance to win $10,000 toward your next summer vacation. Snyder’s of Hanover is holding a big contest — America’s Summertime Favorites Sweepstakes — over on its Facebook page, with weekly entries and prizes. Keep checking back all summer for new ways to win.

And speaking of winning, I will join several of my blogging pals for a Twitter party Wednesday, July 30, at 1 p.m. ET. No RSVP is necessary, and prizes will include $50 VISA gift cards and a grand prize of a $150 VISA gift card. It will be hosted by the Life of Dad guys, who can be found on Twitter at @LifeofDadShow. Follow me, too, if you like: @DadScribe. The hashtag to follow during the Twitter party and throughout the summer is #PretzelGuys.

And don’t forget to check out the Snyder’s of Hanover America’s Summertime Favorite Sweepstakes on their Facebook page. I mean, $10,000 for a dream vacation. Just imagine how much fun you could make with that kind of prize …

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