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Come On You Spurs

There are moments in a father’s life when everything superfluous falls away. At these moments, there is only you, the child, and a spiritual connection that defies rational explanation. It’s a form of pointed meditation, really. A transcendent experience. These moments often involve sports. And so it is that another season of English Premier League … Continue reading

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Am I Corrupting My Sons With a Sports Obsession?

I became aware of sports as entertainment and diversion in 1974. We lived in Raleigh, N.C. I was 5 years old. That year, North Carolina State won the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Dad, back from Vietnam, was (as I recall) still a student at N.C. State. He might have been a recent graduate. I’m not … Continue reading

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These Aren’t the Spurs You’re Looking For. Move Along.

Jay knows not one, but two Tottenham Hotspur fight songs by heart. He actually learned them two years ago, back when my sickness was still new and I was extraordinarily contagious. Sickness? Yeah. Spurs Fever. How did this happen? Long story short: NOT because of Bill Simmons. Long story slightly longer: In October 2009, I … Continue reading