9 Things Han Solo Taught Me About Being a Dad

As a child of the ’70s, I considered Han Solo the epitome of manhood.

Fiercely independent, yet secretly sentimental. Skeptical, but willing to believe in magic if he sees it with his own eyes.

Secure enough in his own skin to pursue a princess, but not above taking a wide-eyed farm boy under his wing. Best friends with a Wookiee.

A lovable scoundrel who poses as a mercenary, but who deep down recognizes the best things in life are free.

In short — the ideal dad.

I readily acknowledge that my exposure to Star Wars at a young age shaped the adult I have become. And while Obi Wan was a superb mentor and Vader achieved redemption in the end, it was Han Solo who taught me the most about how to be a good dad.

Here are just a few examples of why I believe General Solo, who had not fathered children with Leia Organa as of the end of Episode VI, still might be the finest father figure in the history of this or any other galaxy:

Nine things Han Solo taught me about fatherhood

1. When the kids get difficult, use redirection.


(And if you must leave a mess for someone else to clean up, tip well.)

2. Trust your instincts. Even in the face of utter uncertainty.



3. If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.


(To be fair, Don Draper also teaches us this.)

4. Give praise where it’s due — but don’t overdo it.

5. Make a smile your default expression.


6. Learn to work with your hands.


7. When all else fails — bluff.


(But if the bluff fails, know when it’s time to cut your losses.)


8. Give the kids room to succeed or fail — but a little help every now and then can’t hurt.


9. Never let them forget how much you love them.


 Images/videos: giphy.com; imgur; YouTube

 A slightly different version of this post appeared on the Huffington Post following publication here.

76 thoughts on “9 Things Han Solo Taught Me About Being a Dad

  1. And he shoots first… Oh wait, that’s not helpful here.
    Great list! Also, he is willing to go along with something he doesn’t believe is real. “Let the force be with you.”

  2. I wonder what they’ll have in store for Han and the gang in the new trilogy. He had kids in the Expanded Universe, but apparently the new trilogy will turn a lot of that non-canonical. Will he have kids in the new movie? We’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. I fell in love with Han Solo when I was 16 and saw Star Wars five times – that was all that my pocket money would stretch to at the time. Admittedly I wasn’t thinking of him as a father-figure so much as husband material…

    Great post!

  4. His instinctive ability to completely understand Chewy’s indecipherable grunts, groans and cries would, I believe, make it a cinch for him to decipher toddler babble. Or adolescent boys.

  5. I saw Star Wars when I was 11 in 1977, the first kid in my class to do so. I have hung onto this claim to fame all my life.
    Of course, I rooted for Luke and Leia, before things got weird. Luke was the hero, but Han was what made the movie cool. I never thought of him as a father figure, though. Fresh perspective. Well done.

  6. that was funny absolutly hillarious even from a single mothers perspective (are us mothers allowed in here)? father only zone haaa thats ok, i’m off for coffee to wake up before they wake up for school ventures

  7. super cool, just been looking over the starwars site, found a whole list of those old books from back when i was a kid in the 80’s and 90’s guessing you was to and the wookie-pedia lol, we girls fell in love with the ewoks hehehe

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